To the asshole who was exit lane surfing

Yes you, the black BMW who dove in behind me on the exit lane for Lawrence expressway from 280N this morning. Traffic was already moving briskly, 55mph or better, but you had to get a few car lengths further up

After you honked at me in my wife’s Rav4, I made sure I kept it a reasonable exit speed. Because often it backs up onto the freeway there, and I have seen some doosey accidents there, I take a little caution.

So, yeah, fuck you.

Why I don’t Watch Sports-ball Games

Thursday I got a hankering for some Pizza for lunch, so I hit the local Round Table Pizza and their buffet (yep, I felt like pigging out, so nyah!) Of course, there were TV’s on in the dining area tuned into various games.

The one that had audio turned up was a Baseball game. Oakland A’s versus Detroit Redwings or something (note: I do know that is a hockey team).

SportsballI have never really been a big fan of sports on the ‘tube. Yes, I will watch a game once in a while, but I really don’t look forward to the weekends to sit idly watching game after game. I can’t remember the last time I tuned into ESPN (and in fact, if you could drop ESPN, and my wife wouldn’t disown me, I would banish it from my cable lineup).

Back to the broadcast I was watching. Baseball is a fairly slow paced game. You don’t have rapid fire pitching, so there is plenty of dead air time between the batters and even within an “up”, so the sportscasters feel the need to fill the dead time with inane blathering. They just say the lamest things, sometimes weaving in statistics, or weather, or what some player did 5 decades ago.

It isn’t just Baseball, watch a telecast of a football team, and you get the same mindless drivel. These sports casters are often retired players, and the banter that they do reminds you that while they may have gone to college, they certainly weren’t scholars. The ‘expert‘ panels at half time in football make me stabby.

I am sure this will draw some hate.

Suck: Camera edition

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my sister and her wife in the mountains. Great food, great company, even our menagerie of hounds behaved well (except for the torn off nail from “zoomies”) I even brought my “big” camera to take “good” pictures. Sigh.

My main digital SLR is a second hand Canon 5D. Bought from a good friend, who lovingly maintained it, it was in great shape in 2010 when I bought it. I also have a couple of the fabulous Canon L series lenses, so the combination takes great pictures.

However, since I bought a Canon G12, I haven’t used the 5D as much. This weekend was to be different.

eos_5dI pulled the 5D out of the bag, put the 24-70 F2.8 zoom on (a MONSTER chunk of glass) and the troubles started instantly. After a couple of frames, the reflex mirror “fell off” the frame. Fuck. Not broken, just flopping around loose.

Sigh, my father was there, with his canon Rebel Digital SLR, so I figured he could borrow the lens. Quickly he realized that it wasn’t autofocusing. Fuck.

So, now my best DSLR body, and the best glass I own are both knackered.

(I still have my older 20D body, so I tested the lens on that, yep, no autofocus).

Time for the shop. Hope it isn’t too expensive. At least I will get the sensor cleaned really good too.

Solve California’s Financial Issues Forever

As with most states, there is always a bit of tightness in the budget. California, although our outlook has improved, still is on the precarious edge. I have the guaranteed solution to those fiscal woes.

First step, raise the fine for texting while driving. California’s is the lowest in the nation at $20 for a first offense. Make it a nuisance, say $100 or $150.

Second, have every officer of the law on full alert. They will become virtual ticket writing machines, because I see CONSTANT people texting while driving here in the bay area. Literally I SEE with my own eyes, in my slow slung S2000 no fewer than 50 offenses each direction.


Fourth PROFIT!

For the record, there are four states that do not ban texting while driving and the maximum first time fine/penalty is Alaska. $10,000 and 1 year in jail if you get caught. Source: MotherJones