Marketing Coolness – NanoWorld

Once in a while, I will stumble across something that is unique, and memorable. Being in marketing, I have a finely tuned eye for clever messaging. Recently, my spidey sense went all tingly.

NanoSensors, part of the NanoWorld group, was exhibiting in our distributor’s booth at the JASIS conference in Japan. They had some cool swag, nifty pens, and the like. However, as my hair had become long and unruly due to the fact that I was far too lazy to go to the barber before the trip, I angled to grab one of their baseball caps.

Made of high quality canvas with almost perfect stitching, it is a solid cap. No plastic, and the adjustable band is fabric, with a metal hasp. Again, top shelf.

Inside the cap is where the surprise is. Where there is usually a label that states the country of origin, material content (cotton, or man made), and possible care instructions, there is something unique. The label states:

We also sell AFM probes

Simple, understated, and effective – the tagline grabs the attention and mindshare without being obnoxious.

Brilliant marketing, hat’s off to NanoWorld!

Traffic Woes

I am wondering what the heck is up. The last 4 weeks have heralded an uptick in traffic here in the south bay, a real escalation.

Traffic has been awful here in the bay area for a long time. Before I moved away, it was bad. But, in the 12 years I was in Arizona it has gone insane.

Last summer, when we moved back, I fell into a pattern. There were days that were lighter in commute time from south San Jose, Monday and Friday. Probably due to people working from home one day a week, and picking Friday or Monday.

When school started in 2014, there was an increase in the early traffic, but not too bad.

This year, school started the last week of August, and traffic increased. But there was still a marked reduction in traffic on Monday and Friday.

However, last week and this week so far, a 17 mile drive that through the last year has averaged 35-45 minutes is now consistently more than an hour. This morning, it took me 55 minutes to get to the Pruneyard Towers (about 1/2 way). Total transit time: 1:21


A tough ride

After yesterday morning where I spend a few hours doing bicycle maintenance, I got a good mountain bike ride in. Alas, I forgot to turn on Strava, so I get no credit. Today, I headed out for a ride.

I left around 9:00AM. A little late for me, and I considered a mountain bike ride. Alas, a flat rear tire guided me to the roadbike this morning.

The ride started well, 65F, almost no wind, headed out to my usual loop, through Morgan Hill and back up Coyote Creek trail.

The lack of wind was welcome, but shortly into the ride, the heat started rising. My two water bottles were going to be a problem. Killed the smaller one at the start of the Coyote Creek trail. Ugh.

A little wind picked up, but not really an issue. The temperature was rising quickly. I paused at the Coyote Ranch to rest, and checked the temperature. Ugh, 90F already at 10:30. This was at mile 24.5.

As I got out on Monterey Highway, I made a judgement call, and instead of the full 33.1 mile loop, I bailed and cut off at Bernal Road, and headed to Santa Teresa and home.

30.1 miles, 2 hours, a lot of fatigue. A brutal ride. Done.

What’s the Point: Sees Candy Nutritional Information

A little splurge, a pound of Sees candy, some good noms. While I am eating some delightful milk chocolate covered toffee, I noticed that there is a little pamphlet. Thinking it might be a guide to the luscious treats that are enrobed in divine milk chocolate, I was disappointed.

It is a pamphlet of the nutritional values. Things like calories, fat (saturated and non-saturated) and even the ingredients.

For fuck’s sake, while I do care about my health, and I do read about ingredients and nutrition on my food, when I decide to treat myself to some exquisite chocolate, basking in the glory that is Sees, I just don’t give a damn.

I eat a piece, savor it, enjoy it, and move on. I don’t even put it in my diet tracker, as I prefer to hide that guilty pleasure.

Some things just don’t need to be tracked…

NB: I poked around their web site, and don’t see the nutritional information. Good for them.

Painful Pride – Car Washing

Stewie gets clayedOne thing I do miss about living in Arizona is that there weren’t water restrictions, and I could weekly wash my car. I take pride in my S2000, and kept it pretty immaculate, washing it every week, waxing it every 6 weeks or so, and twice a year polishing the paint. Now that I live in California, it is a different story.

The first 9 months we lived here we were in an apartment. No facilities to wash. So a couple of times I took it to a local car wash. But, being parked outside, under trees is brutal for the paint. Sap, glop, and a shit-ton of dirt. I got to the point where I didn’t even bother to take it to the car wash. The last time I had it washed was before we moved into our house (March 24th), so it is long overdue.

I should point out that until I moved to California, my car had only been hand washed from the day I bought it until I left AZ. 3 buckets, one for the wheels, one for the soap and one to rinse the sponge. Chamois, squeegee, and glass polish.

Today, I bit the bullet. Since I am parking in the garage again, I splurged for a good hand wax, and claying of the paint to remove the schmutz and sap. Way more money than I wanted to spend, but it is clean and smooth now.

I hope the drought breaks, because I miss washing my car.

(sigh, I also need to find a good autobody shop, there are two places where the clear coat is peeling, and I need the paint touched up. That is for a different day.)