Wow, what a race. Marc Marquez wins Laguna Seca

What an amazing race. Today, the USGP motoGP race in Monterey at Laguna Seca.

Marc Marquez, who became the youngest rider to win his first MotoGP race at Austin earlier this year, and who won the last round in Germany, went out and had a blistering race today at Laguna. Starting from second, he had an OK, start, but quickly got into 2nd place, following Stephen Bradl. Probably the best moment is when he went around Valentino Rossi on the corkscrew, on the outside and running it on the inside on the way down, just like Rossi did to Casey Stoner in 2008.

Marquez had a ballsy pass on turn 11 before the start/finish straight, and never looked back.

Marc Marquez is leading the championship points chase, and he has won three races this year so far (all of the races to date in the US). What will this man do in the future?  I can hardly wait to see him in the next race. Keep an eye out for #93, big things are sure to come!

Phew, glad that the Tivo recorded it, because I am going to have to watch this one again.


Product Review: Road ID

I have always been an “outdoors” exercise aficionado, and I continue to get out on my bicycle, hiking, or jogging. When I was young, I never gave a thought to what would happen if I got seriously hurt. I guess I could have carried my ID (drivers license, health insurance card), but it never happened.

A good way to carry your critical information with you
A good way to carry your critical information with you

Then, three years ago, I had the big one. A heart attack. Suddenly, I began to worry about what would happen if I had a repeat while I was out cycling, or jogging.

I now always wear a Road ID. The first one I had was the simple version, with as much of the pertinent health history as I could fit, but recently I went the Wrist ID elite, and got the subscription that allows me to have my extended health record available to first responders.

Getting it setup is easy, and the service provides both an internet lookup, as well as a 24 hour call center. First responders can use the code and PIN on the back of my ID, and get quick access to my records.

Entering your records is painless, and you can decide what you will share with first responders, and what you will keep private.

I also keep in my wallet a summary of my records, and my medications, but I rarely have my wallet with me when I am out pounding the pavement.

Highly recommended, especially if you have health issues that might affect how the emergency crew responds to an event.

Guilty pleasure: Real Mayonnaise

Heaven in a jar
Heaven in a jar

I have been using the reduced fat mayo for as long as I can remember. I really haven’t felt that I was missing out on anything (except a lot of fat and calories).

Then a few weeks ago, I made a new recipe of potato salad (Thanks to Marie Porter of Celebration Generation), that explicitly said “Full Fat Mayo”, so I bought jar of Best Foods Mayonnaise.

I forgot how awesome it is. Last week I made tuna salad, and OH MY GOD, does it just taste better with real mayo. Same with my turkey sandwiches that I usually take for lunch.

When this jar is empty, I will go back to the reduced fat, blah mayo, but I will remember fondly the creamy goodness of the real deal.