Touching a nerve

So, I have a regular blog where I talk about product management and other career-like things.  I get 20 or so visits a day, and I have some followers in the product management / product marketing world. I try to be a little bit of a balance against all the happy-feel-good self promoting blogs from the Product Management conslutants.

Some things I have noticed:

  • The greater the “snark” factor, the more visits. When I write something that is non-controversial, or informative on the role, I get far less of a response than I do when I go on a rant.
  • The oddest topics seem to resonate.
  • Some people just need to take a chill pill and relax.

Case in point. The second most viewed post was when I was ranting about LinkedIn. They are doing a lot of scummy things to try to bolster their database, and to make money. Can’t blame them, but it does get tiring (I should do a follow up, because it seems like every week, I get an entreaty from them to try the “Premium” service.) If you want to check it out, it is at this link.


2 thoughts on “Touching a nerve

  1. trolling for trolls, assume that when you don’t get a response, what you are writing is correct, wise and worthwhile. when it touches a nerve, it’s a troll’s nerve, not most of your friends. most folks only respond if 1. they like a good argument (me), 2. they’re just an asshole and want to bait and tweak (sometimes me) 3. the topic resonates in such a way that requires a signal that needs to peak above the noise. (me regarding the current NSA flap and guitar heroes)

    • Guitar heros? I gots me plenty of them:

      Steve Howe
      Paul Gilbert
      Yngwie Malmsteen
      Carlos Santana
      Michael Schenker
      Gary Moore
      Roy Buchanon
      Eric Johnson
      Joe Pass
      to name a few

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