Plantar Fasciitis is the DEVIL

I have been doing battle with Plantar Fasciitis for about 6 months now.  It first manifested itself on a trip to Australia in March.  Annoying, but it seemed to pass reasonably quickly with lots of rest and vitamin I (Ibuprofen).  

It came back with a vengence when i went to run the Bay to Breakers race in May.  I suppose it was all the naked people that I was surrounded by.  It started in the Right foot, and I did get to a podiatrist.  New inserts in my shoes, stop wearing loafers, daily icing, and 650 mg of aspirin twice a day.

In a month, the right foot quickly healed.  Unfortunately, the left foot flared up.  This was in June.  I have continued the icing, the aspirin.  THe stretching.  All to no avail.  I have been in constant agony.  I returned to my podiatirst last week.  Was prescribed a strong anti inflammatory (one that is risky in conjunction with my heart health), and got a painful cortisone shot.

It is now 4 days later.  I am again in agony.  The pain is back.  The cortisone seems to have had minimal effect.  Even modest exercise of just walking in my neighborhood is excruciating.

Next up is custom orthotics for my shoes, and a long, slow recovery.

Low motivation – Work on a Holiday

It is Monday, September 5th, Labor Day here in America.  A bank holiday.  Tomorrow starts a week long series of meetings that I have a variety of contributions to make towards.

Alas, I just can’t get motivated.  I just cleaned my spice cabinet.  Perhaps I will clean out my sock drawer next.  Some old ones that need to be retired.

Sigh.  I wonder how long I can keep dodging this.