Bad times – iPhone died


When you wake up in the morning and see that your iPhone is giving you a “No SIM detected” error, you know it is going to be a bad day.

My iPhone 5s is well aged, but it has performed quite well for almost 2.5 years. I was hoping to get another year out of it, but alas, it decided to give up the ghost.

It worked well, but the “No SIM” error was a harbinger of doom. It is not an uncommon problem in this version, and the last time, the “trick” of turning on and off Airplane mode worked to snap it out of its doldrums. Alas, this time, no such luck.

The next step was to head to the AT&T store and try a known good SIM card, so at 10:00 AM, I was off to the local retailer (about a 5 minute drive.)

No dice.

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Formal Web Presence

As I am looking to create a more formal, shall we say “professional” web presence, I am learning a few things.

First, while my personal sites (like here) are self hosted, and currently managed by myself on Digital Ocean, I want something where I know that if I screw up I don’t lose it all.

There are plenty of options, but as I am familiar with WordPress, and even got my start on, their hosted solution, I decided to go straight to it as a solution.

wordpressI get a lot of benefits for this decision. They handle any security issues, they back up my content, and they keep it all up to date. I have a domain,, I paid for a year of google apps (to get the email), and it was a simple click, click, click process.

Of course, there are limitations. You can’t add plugins ad hoc. You can’t use themes that you buy elsewhere. You don’t get to add things like Google analytics. Inconvenient, but not fatal.

Of course, I am currently using a free theme, and have tried several of them. They don’t suck, but they are quite limited. I am good while I am building my presence, but I can see myself opening my wallet and buying a premium theme.

There is a benefit of buying one of the premium themes, they host the support, and from browsing the support forums, it looks like the support is quite efficient.

However, my web presence is rising, and I am working on polishing my words, and preparing my offerings.

More Apple goodness

This last week, I “discovered” something that wasn’t really hidden. Somewhere in the evolution of Apple’s iCloud service, in particular the sharing of login information and passwords in the service, a really cool feature is lurking.

On Tuesday, Barbara had a 2 hour procedure at her doctor’s office, and I waited in the lobby. So I took my iPad and logged into their Wifi so I could continue reading the NY Times. Simple, find the SSID, and enter the password for guest access, and you are online.

Since I had a couple hours to burn, I pulled out my headphones and plugged them into my iPhone, to listen to Pandora, and I discovered that I automagically connected to the wifi. Because I logged in on my iPad, the credentials were in the system, and my phone just picked it up.

Of course, I knew that this was possible, and likely read that it was part of the feature set, probably even experiencing it somewhere. But this was the first time that it hit me.

Way cool.

Back on the Fitness Track

A recent life change (that is the understatement of the century) is providing me with time to improve my fitness. Being a “get out and do something” kind of guy, that means walking, hiking, cycling.

In the last week, I have done 30 miles of walking (5 days of 6 mile walks), and one 18 mile bike ride. While it is too soon to see tangible results, I definitely feel better, and the exercise give me ample time to think.

My goals are simple. I would like to shed about 30#’s (not too difficult), get back to being able to ride 30 miles 2-3 times a week, and to be able to run the occasional 10K race.

All achievable goals.

Restaurant Review – Sinaloa Cafe

Restaurant Review – Sinaloa Cafe

When I lived in San Jose in the past, one of my favorite places to eat was a little Morgan Hill staple, Sinaloa Cafe. Solid Mexican cuisine, fun atmosphere, and packed on Friday and Saturday nights. Sadly, their original building burned down a few months before we left San Jose for Tucson, and I lost touch.

I heard that they rebuilt, and moved closer to downtown Morgan Hill, but hadn’t made the trek.

Well, we moved back in 2014, and finally I got the chance to try it out.

First, the interior is a bit cleaner than the old place (not that it was “dirty”, but it was a well visited restaurant with 40 years of history). We went on a Wednesday night and arrived at about 6:45. No wait, and we sat in the front part near the bar. The chips and salsa arrived almost immediately, and it was how I remembered it, freshly fried chips, and a tangy salsa, not chunky. Yum. Our first round was their “Cadillac” margaritas, and they were delish.

We ordered, a Chile Verde burrito for me (wet), and the Enchiladas Especial for Barbara. I also ordered a side of guacamole to nosh on.

Food was hot, and while I can’t speak for the enchilada’s, I can say that the pork chile verde was delightful. It was zesty, the pieces of port were succulent, and the sides (rice and beans) were a perfect complement. A fabulous meal.

The second round of drinks was a bit more reserved, a margarita for Barbara, and I had a Pacifico, as I had to drive.

In summary, it was much how I remembered it, the quality remains high, and we will definitely be returning to the new location. Next time I will buy a new t-shirt, as my old ones are about to fall apart.

I see that Yelp has them rated at 2.5 stars. Definitely a bum rap.